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the north 80 — an innovative bioscience, technology and lifestyle campus in the heart of westchester

Innovation Shines Brighter Here

Located in Westchester County, NY, North80 is an innovative community designed to inspire collaboration among the brightest minds from one generation to the next. North80 is where breakthroughs break through, and people find purpose.

the north 80

Innovation in Westchester County

COVID-19 has shifted the way that we live and work.  We’ve seen that today’s workforce seeks environments that offer a lifestyle — not just an office.

the north 80

Welcome to North80

Unique in scale and vision, North80 is a vibrant 80-acre bioscience, technology, and lifestyle campus located in the heart of Westchester County. The campus is dedicated to the growth of the bioscience, technology, and healthcare sectors, and offers tenants a unique place to live, work, convene, and learn.